Power to work longer, play harder, go further

Your life outside may take you across town, cross-country or even to the far corners of the earth. But how will you stay connected, especially where power is not within reach?

mPowerpad’s range of solar chargers harnesses the sun’s energy to provide ready power for your gadgets and gear. Fast-charging and portable, mPowerpad solar chargers provide more power and features for you to do more.

From card-sized power bank to high-capacity laptop charger, mPowerpack power banks provide on-the-go charging whether you’re on the road or off the beaten track. To stay prepared in the event of an emergency, keep mPowerflash emergency kit close at hand.

Whether it’s for the outdoors, everyday charging, work or emergencies, mPowerpad solar chargers and mPowerpack power banks get you the power you need, wherever you go.